Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So I have been taking a creative writing class at my university and thought I would share some of the poetry that has come out of it...


He was built inside a factory
With gears and steel and sweat
And men praised themselves in industry
For the challenge they had met
“He’ll be better than a man” they said
A robot always is
Ship him out and box him up
Put nails into the lid

He arrived at noon and twenty
And the neighbors stood and stared
The father grabbed the crowbar
And the mother pulled her hair
“He’ll do everything we hate, they say”
As he was made to do
Turn him on and let him go
A robot shiny new

At first he washed the dishes
And soon he mopped the floor
He built the tool shed in the back
And painted red the door
“What a wonder of technology” they cried
Far better than a man
He could do almost anything
Where once man had lent its hand

But one night as they were sleeping
From the basement heard
A pounding and a banging
And gears and motor’s whir
What could he be doing there?
Tomorrow we will know
Back to dreams and satin sheets
And let our questions grow

But when they woke up in the morning
And called upon their bot
All they heard we’re tears and cries
And answers they were not
So they crept into the basement
The woman after man
And looked upon their robot
In terror, hand in hand

It had built a little heart
And placed it in its chest
It beat and glowed and spun around
Like a fire within its breast
The mother screamed and the father yelled
And the robot simply cried
He finally felt emotion
And now he wished to die

The moon and the mirror

The bridge is painted fog and holds me still.
The river below as dark as oil,
stirs and sways and licks the banks.
The spear like reeds break through the mist,
Pleading to bring me down upon their softened ends.
Image of a ghostly pearl and clouds that lightly drip.
The deadly sound of the laughing eddies,
Twist sweetly in Mother Nature’s mirror.


I looked around the room then lay her on her back.
She smells like rye.
I smell like cigarettes, rye and ginger.
“Will we always be like this?” she asks.
I forget the time when she wasn't here
like this, unkempt and unimaginative in her looks.
Her heart is here for now, and so is mine.
“Do you think we’ll always be like this?” I ask.
I’m silent and so is she for once.
She’s like the book she gave me on the table,
closed so tightly I hardly care.
The radio sings before I turn it off, “as my guitar gently weeps…”
We look up at the ceiling.
Her body begins to twitch itself to sleep.
Our bodies are tangled and I brush her hair away
and I think, “I hate when it finds its way in to my mouth.”

The Lament of Daedalus: My son

My son, my son, oh greatest of my creations
Whose life was quickly taken by what my hands did cruelly do
That now causes my eyes to shed more than the water that did take you
Curse these hands, whose age is writ in scars and browning callus
Curse my name and all who give sweet praise and dwell upon it

My son, my son, oh greatest of my wonders
How do I bring you back to me, how do I pay the cost?
How does a father say goodbye to a son so swiftly lost?
Do I tell them of your dreams or my looks you seemed to borrow?
But all my words do simply fall and sink beneath my sorrow

My son, my son, oh greatest of my triumphs
For all that I have made and built
From wooden trick to stone and brick
Of monsters made and maidens lost
You were my noblest feat and now my shameful loss

My son, my son, oh greatest of my follies
If Gods can hear, then let them listen now
On bended knee their servant’s head does so lowly bow
Please give me one last mercy and switch the old for young
And raise him like the phoenix and set me like the sun

My son, my son, oh greatest of my regrets
No other could replace you, no other will I raise
And if they come I’ll throw them out on each and every day
Do not wait for me my son, pay the boatman’s fee
And know that though you fell so far, your soul is now set free

Oh Messiah

Oh Messiah       
Let me bend your ear
Will you listen to what I most fear?
The dark of night, the clear of day
A soul that’s lost by what you say

Forgiveness please
For what I’ll do
Due to moral lines you drew
I’ll never be all you want
The devil’s host always taunts:

Dear Child
Please just go in
Do all you wish to win
Drink it down and breathe it in
All these chemicals of sin

Oh Savior
Why was I born to be
Just a pawn in a war for thee?
Though I am weak, you are strong
Yet now my faith in you is gone

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