Tuesday, 18 June 2013


 How the immortality of nature surrounds us
 As we move around it and above it
Who is it to be blessed with so many faces?
And we with our roles in these short lives
We unlucky inhabitants of nature
At all times we are so immersed in things that live on
Like the sun rise, or the flight of birds
Dark water and blue skies
Oh, our love affair with it runs deep
Perhaps that is why it is so hard to sleep

The people we meet affect us so deeply: their ideas, their hopes, and their needs. It is impossible to live apart from this. We are inextricably guided towards interaction and drama, whether it ends in tragedy or comedy. How easily the touch of a loved one can change a day, or how the distance from one can bring it down.  How beautiful a breath can be; the moments that fall between words when we just are. To describe these connections is like trying to explain a dream.  You know of if its importance but can’t understand what it means. Have I searched the whole wide world just to have these connections? Have I searched the whole wide world just to find you? For up to these meetings there is nothing but the past, a past you weren't apart of, and from now on you are a part of me, into whatever future that comes.

Love has to be one of the most difficult and most sought after experiences in human existence, though the genuine article is so distant I sometime assume it doesn't exist. The closer I get to real love, the farther it is from me.
When you fall in love, you’re not yourself anymore. You lose control of being natural; showing the beautiful parts of yourself. All anyone recognizes is total desperation; a fool trying to run on water. 

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