Thursday, 20 June 2013


In religion there is an important rule that should not be ignored: “Knowing” and faith are separate. If someone turns faith into knowing they take away from best parts of anyone’s religion by trying to make it fact. They take away the leap of faith and the unknown; we take away the arguments and discussions that breed a more full and richer understand of our personal walks in life. We close the door to other better or opposing ideals that could raise us up to greater heights. Religions can contain wisdom for all if they choose to follow it, but it doesn't mean it’s for everyone.  There is not one truth but many because no one knows what will happen in the end; we are all taking a chance. No religious person should fall into the trap of stating that they “know “a faith is true. If this is done then religion, as well as philosophy, lose their beauty and power to transform. We are all trying to understand the unknown. Never stop questioning and never stop listening.

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